We work with eye doctors and other doctors such as primary care physicians to assist in providing the best patient care available. We are committed to helping you grow your practice.

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  • Deepen Engagement
  • Grow Your Practice
  • Enhance Patient Care
  • See More Patients
  • Patient Compliance

EyeQue Connect: Your Remote Vision Care Powerhouse

A comprehensive FDA-registered, SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant Telehealth SaaS platform that connects doctors and patients.


  • Vision monitoring and tracking: Refraction, Visual Acuity, Color Vision, Contrast Sensitivity, Amsler Grid, diagnostics imaging tests, and more – all in one platform.
  • Virtual consultations and prescription management: Provide asynchronous and synchronous appointment services that keep patients connected, even when they’re not in the office.
  • Cloud-based platform for all digital health tracking devices: Populates data from EyeQue devices capable of vision marker screening and frequent vision monitoring.
  • Low-cost enterprise/software fees: Making it easy to adopt in your practice.
  • Automated reports: Get easy-to-understand charts to document and educate patients about their eye health.
  • Seamless EHR integration: Open API allows access to your data wherever and whenever needed.


  • Provide value-based care with improved quality and outcome.
  • Resourceful platform aids your practice in providing advanced treatment plans for regular eye exams and screenings, myopia management, amblyopia treatment, pre-and post-surgical workflow, chronic eye diseases, clinical trials, dry eye disease, refractive surgery, etc.
  • Increased patient compliance and access.
  • Increased business revenue.
  • Streamline workflows and save hours of admin time.
  • Reduced burnout and more time for what matters. 

EyeQue is proud to have completed its SOC2 examination.
This globally recognized attestation validates our commitment to critical security standards to protect and secure client data.   

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