Try-On Glasses


Have a new prescription or EyeQue measurements ? Test with Try-Ons so you can confidently order new eyeglasses. 

*To expedite processing, please upload an image of your EyeQue measurements or a doctor’s prescription.

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Have a new prescription or eyeglass measurements ? Test with Try-Ons so you can confidently order new eyeglasses. 

Try-Ons can easily verify how comfortably and clear you’ll see with glasses made using your EyeQue measurements or doctor’s prescription.

What’s Included

  • One pair of EyeQue Try-On Glasses made using standard round metal frames and lightweight plastic lenses (index 1.5-1.6). 
  • Try-Ons are single-vision glasses available for people with lens corrective power between -7 to +4 diopters in sphere and 0 to -3 diopters in cylinder.
  • Suitable for distance vision, computer vision, or near vision. No multifocal design.
  • Each pair shipped with EyeQue’s Insight Lite for visual acuity confirmation (distance vision only). 


  • You must reside in the United States.
  • You have successfully generated EyeQue measurements by completing a series of tests using the EyeQue VisionCheck / Personal Vision Tracker or an unexpired written prescription.
  • Your EyeQue measurements are valid (generated within the past 6 months).
  • You have a valid PD (pupillary distance) measurement.
  • Your EyeQue measurements have achieved Medium or High Confidence located in the app.

NOTE: EyeQue measurements are the sphere, cylinder and axis numbers representing lens power needed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

EyeQue measurements are not a prescription. EyeQue does not perform and provide optometry services, nor does it represent itself as a licensed optometrist. The EyeQue VisionCheck and EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker accurately measure for refractive error and detect changes between regular eye exams when properly used. These tests do not replace a comprehensive eye exam that evaluates ocular health and binocularity. EyeQue strongly recommends people visit an eye care professional annually to receive a complete eye health exam