Award-winning VisionCheck measures nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

  • Discover your EyeGlass Numbers: Vision correction powers provided in the same format as your traditional prescription.
  • Includes PDCheck Glasses that accurately captures your pupillary distance to the mm for perfect-fitting glasses.
  • Results include your age-based reading glasses recommendation (NV ADD).
  • You can order custom EyeQue Try-On frames to experience your EyeGlass Numbers.
  • EyeQue solutions do not replace the need for an eye health exam.
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Automated testing with updated optical system for:

  • nearsightedness
  • farsightedness
  • astigmatism

Provides an age-based recommendation for reading power that can be used for:

  • reading glasses
  • bifocals
  • progressive lenses