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Dr. Dan Petashnick, M.D. Tests the PVTLite

I recently used the PVTLite guided by the web app.  I performed the required three tests in between doing other work.  It took me about five minutes total to perform a complete test of both eyes.  The instructions were clear, and the audio cues were helpful.  It is important to be sure that the PVTLite interface screen is placed accurately within the outlined borders of the app.  I also found that maximizing screen brightness helped to see the colored lines more easily.  The testing was simple and quick.  I completed three tests, and then as medical advisor to EyeQue, I received my refractive numbers from the EyeQue staff.  The prescription generated from the PVTLite matched my current glasses prescription exactly.  There was no error in the testing results.  I am amazed that this simple plastic eye piece attached to a cell phone generates results that are as accurate as the very expensive equipment in my office!   The PVTLite is an innovative and user-friendly technology, and when used properly generates extremely accurate results.  I encourage you to try the PVTLite and be impressed by the outcome.

Dan Petashnick, M.D., Medical Advisor to EyeQue