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5 Insights Of The Medical Futurist’s 100 Digital Health And AI Companies Of 2024

Each year we create a list of the most exciting, most promising digital health companies. Here is our 2024 recommendation: 100 companies to watch this year!

Andrea Koncz
7 min | 1 February 2024

Key Takeaways

The digital health realm is saturated with hype, distinguishing the promising players from the noise is a challenge. The annual list is our way of cutting through the clamor to spotlight those we believe are genuinely making strides in this space.

We don’t accept any sponsorship or financial support. We do not have any interest or connection in any of the companies listed in the infographic either.

The creation of our list is a forward-looking process. We focus on the upcoming year, pinpointing companies poised to make significant impacts. 

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